Packaging design for Brick Brewery

Stacked Manhattan Sour and Martini Sour for Brick Brewery by Ted Low / ted8low

Brick Brewery works with local designers and artists to create original patterns for all their new beers. I was originally commissioned to design two heritage sours and I have been working with them regularly since then on new beer labels and other applications. Most of the designs I’ve created for Brick Brewery follow a style of Mid-Century Modern influence while also using the ingredients to dictate shape and colour for each beer, so that they have their own distinct feel but stylistically all fit in to the same family.

“Martini Sour: White grape, peach and lemon peel provide a delicate contrast to the dry base of this sour. Added chamomile, coriander seed and cardamom bring a level of complexity that defies expectation.  Classic, balanced, refined.  Olive not required.”

– Brick Brewery

“Manhattan Sour: Styled on the classic cocktail, the Manhattan Sour blends sweet cherry with a dash of bitter orange.  Cinnamon and Ginger create a warmth alongside rich, sweet and fruity notes from ageing on cherry wood.  This dark sour harnesses the classic recipe made famous by New York’s speakeasies.”

– Brick Brewery

“In celebration of Mexican heritage and the Cinco de Mayo holiday, this pale ale showcases Neomexicanus hop HBC 472 which brings an earthy note. Fresh lime zest and habanero chillies adds a refreshing, zesty lift and sweet, mild spice from the recognisable Mexican flavours.”

– Brick Brewery

Below is more of the work that I have done for Brick Brewery that I have not been able to photograph. Any of the photos used below are courtesy of Brick Brewery.