Ann Dale

Ann Dale

Identity and website for Social Scientist Academic

Ann Dale is a soon to be retired academic. Even though she’s retiring from teaching she still wants to make an impact during her retirement. Her work focuses on community policies and their impact the environment. While there is a lot of information on the internet about Ann and her research it is mostly only accessible to those are really committed to getting into the weeds and digging through it all. 

As lead on this project my task was to work with the client to create a website delivers the top level information and that appeals to core & aspirational users but remains true to Ann and her research. 

Discovery Session

I lead a (virtual) meeting with Ann and her academic assistant to get a baseline on what is currently happening with their online presence and where they would like to see it go. Together we identified the goals for the project, what their current online channels/website were doing well, what their pain points were, the demographic of core users, a demographic of users they would like to reach, and a look and feel for the website.

Our main take-aways from this discovery session were that success meant presenting information in an accessible manner to the user, and reaching a younger more diverse demographic of university students in addition to their current young female professionals in the range of 25-35. 


With target demographics and looks & feel taken from the discovery meeting, and the instruction to include Leanne Cadden‘s artwork, I set about researching imagery, colours, typography and graphic devices that would have an influence on target users. After a consultation session on the research I was able to discard some of the auxiliary content and create 4 categories and corresponding stylescapes. 

Human in Nature – Stylescape 1

Transposing nature and humans builds a connection between the two by seeing one in the other. Fonts and graphic devices similar to what you find in a scientific reference book hint at the knowledge and authority of research.

Nature pack – Stylescape 2

By aiming this stylescape at the young university student I used simple iconography to overlay over images and paintings of nature. I drew heavily from marketing of adventure gear.

Sci/Art exhibition – Stylescape 3

As Leanne’s artwork had the potential to be so heavily prominent on the website, I drew from her work’s medium (watercolour) and using art exhibition posters as inspiration for this stylescape.

Thoughtful explorer – Stylescape 4

With all three previous style scapes seemingly being more fitting to one demographic rather than both of them. I created one that pulled effective elements that can reach a young male but softening them to still appeal to a professional female.

Finalised stylescape

Stylescape 1 was their clear favourite. A few amendments were made by pulling soft gradients and colours from Stylescape 4 for the finalized stylescape. 

Sitemap and Wireframing

The website is simple in terms of structure, so the sitemap doesn’t need to be too extensive.

Wireframes can be also navigated here using Adobe’s xd online preview.