Process — Crownsavers


Logo design process

Original Crownsavers logo
Original Crownsavers logo

CrownSavers original logos

CrownSavers (credit union) is a small not-for-profit financial co-operative.

The business has been operating under the name CrownSavers and using their old logo for 21 years. Moving two far ‘away’ from what has been established in the past would be a mistake. We’re trying to evolve it and make it look and feel more current.

Initial sketches

The C and S are important to the brand. This have been explored by creating simple crowns and integrating the letters into them.

Rather than having a crown be the focus of the mark, I tried using the C as the focal point. 

While the above introduces more dynamism and appears modern it didn’t feel suitable for a credit union which needs to be seen as trust worthy and professional. I looked into using a more traditional crown and text below the mark.

The project is ongoing, check back on the website in a few months for the final mark.