Girls Soccer United

Badge / Emblem design process

Girls Soccer United (GSU for short) is a brand new initiative to provide more football opportunities for girls, whether it is providing professional coaching service for advanced players or to inspire new girls to join a Company/team that they will learn to love and it will be a big part of there football experience. 

GSU began to put teams together to compete in a football league at a few different levels, with success, and while the company had a logo to identify with it wasn’t quite right for a team to be using a logo as their badge or emblem. In discussion with the CEO we picked out what was key for the badge to represent; the foundations of GSU: Inspiring improvement, Girl power & United.

Initial sketches

The initial sketches and concepts explore representing these cores by integrating symbols or marks that represent either: inspiration/improvement, girl power/females or being united.

Such as upward chevrons: ^ or plus signs: + which translate into inspiration or improvement.  By deconstructing the female symbol circle and plus: ♀ or using the more subtle use of two X letters found in the female chromosomes as a representation for Girl Power. Lastly to represent being united the crest designs use closed circles or shields to hold the elements into one united piece.

The project is ongoing, check back on the website in a few months for the final mark.