I designed labels for two new beers from Brick Brewery‘s Heritage Sour series. The designs follow a style of Mid-Century Modern influence also using the ingredients to dictate shape and colour for each beer, so that they have their own distinct feel but both fit in to the same family.

Concept and design for Brick Brewery

Branding, print & web design for local café

Middleton Deli is a café based in Brockley, London. The identity is a paired back design using good materials, emphasising quality and value which reflects the café’s offering.

Content for this project included wordmark logo, drinks and food menu, business cards, loyalty cards, promotional posters and landing page of website.

I was charged with creating an identity for a campaign that was going to tackle sexual violence and harassment. It had to be very visually strong and have flexibility to be applied over a variety of mediums: print, video and website. 

Brand identity, print design, animation & web design for campaign

Concept, brand identity, print design, signage & animation for wellbeing campaign

‘Be Well, Do Well’ was a campaign run at Goldsmiths, University of London. It’s intent was to get students to take some time to themselves and feel more relaxed about their upcoming examination period.

I won a competition to paint a mural for Goldsmiths Student’s Union. to paint a liberation mural. The design takes on the subject of black liberation. Reading it from left to right you’ll see a timeline of progress towards liberation.

Design and painting

Brand identity for local café

The annual review for Goldsmiths’ highlights some of the university’s success over 2016 as well as an overview of the university’s past year. Detailing recent success from outstanding students’ work, events or research done at the university. The document’s design uses two distinctive cuts and a rigorous grid system to give the document consistency throughout.

Pure Gold showcases Goldsmiths’ Music department newest graduates musical talent. The festival’s acts ranges from bands and singer-songwriters, choral and piano works, jazz, multi-keyboards and sitar.

Pure Gold’s diversity in styles of music needed to be umbrellaed into one identity but be clear that the shows do not fall into one category of music.

Brand identity, print design & animation for music festival

Installation design and artworking for prize event and lead up to it

The Goldsmiths Prize ceremony was held in the Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art. I was charged with finding solutions to have branding in the space.

The Prize, established in 2013, celebrates the qualities of creative daring associated with the University and to reward fiction that breaks the mould or extends the possibilities of the novel form.